About Us



Established in 2003, TNS Skin Lab is the leading independent retailer of premium “natural” and “alternative” beauty & personal care products in Malaysia.

Our mission is to bring to local consumers an exclusive selection of carefully tried & tested “natural” and “alternative” beauty & personal care products under one roof; as encapsulated in our brand promise of 'Bringing the Best to You'

 We are fully committed to giving all consumers the real freedom of 'Knowledge & Choice' by empowering them with the right 'To Know, To Experience, To Choose' at all TNS Skin Lab outlets; and delivering to them a truly rich and informative shopping experience – with the highest level of personal service and attention

 We also closely engage consumers with the message 'Trust in Nature & Science' by:

◦        Promoting the efficacy, performance and safety of natural skincare ingredients; whilst at the same time

◦        Emphasising the importance of scientific research & innovations on the development of effective modern skincare products that provide the best results